Ceramophylla commune

Phylum: Bryozoa
Class: Stenolaemata
Order: Cystoporata
Genus: Ceramophylla
Species: Ceramophylla commune (Ulrich 1893)

Stratigraphic Occurrences


Geographic Occurrences

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Stratigraphic Description

Sequences (Formations)

  • C1 Sequence (Economy, Southgate, McMicken)
Identification in Hand Sample

  • Zoarium Morphology: Bifoliate or encrusting; or hollow ramose
  • Zoecia: Subcircular to circular. Walls thick, boundary jagged or indistinct
  • Mesozooids: Few
  • Monticules: Small, with central cluster of exilazooecia; center sometimes subsolid
  • Maculae: Zooecia in monticules sometimes larger

Published Description

McFarlan (1931):

  • Distinguished from C. alternatum by the more robust growth, well marked maculae with subsolid centers (closed mesopores) surrounded by apertures somewhat larger than normal.
  • Abundant in the Eden, most common in the Economy.