Craniops cincinnatiensis

Phylum: Brachiopoda
Class: Craniata
Order: Craniopsida
Family: Craniopsidae
Genus: Craniops
Species: Craniops cincinnatiensis (Hall, 1872)

Taxonomic Details

Originally Pholidops cincinnatiensis Hall (1872)

Stratigraphic Occurrences


Geographic Occurrences

Map point data provided by iDigBio.

Stratigraphic Description

Sequences (Formations)

  • C2 Sequence (Fairview: Fairmount, Mount Hope)
  • C1 Sequence (Clays Ferry/Kope: McMicken, Southgate, Economy/Fulton)

Identification in Hand Sample

  • Shell small, ovate in outline.
  • Apex obtuse, halfway between larger and smaller ends
  • Surface ornamented by six or seven subimbricating marks of growth
  • Apex slightly posterior of center
  • Ventral valve cemented to substrate

Craniops cincinnatiensis from the Eden formation of Cincinnati, Ohio (left and right, OUIP 258); from the Kope formation of Carrollton, Ohio (middle, OUIP 216)

Published Description

Holland (UGA Strat Lab, 2013):

  • Holoperipheral growth, with apex slightly posterior of center. Ventral valve cemented to substrate

Meek (1873):

  • Shell small, ovate in outline. Larger valve about one fifth longer than wide, with height one third to one fourth the breadth. Apex obtuse, near half way between the middle and the larger end. Anterior end narrowly rounded, posterior end somewhat more broadly rounded, or almost subtruncate. Surface ornamented by six or seven subimbricating marks of growth. Smaller valves unknown. Length, .14 inch; breadth, .12 inch; height of larger valve, .04 inch. This species is quite rare and yet it has been found, at Cincinnati at nearly all elevations, from low water-mark to the top of the hills, back of the city. Its range is, therefore, not limited to less than half the thickness of the Cincinnati Group, and is probably more extended.