Phylum: Echinodermata
Class: Rhombifera
Order: Glyptocystitida
Family: Cheirocrinidae
Genus: Cheirocystis Paul, 1972
Cincinnatian Species: Cheirocystis fultonensis

Geologic Range
Middle Ordovician

Common Paleoecology
Cheirocystis is an extinct genus of stationary intermediate-level epifaunal suspension feeders

Identification in Hand Sample:

  • All plate circlets closed
  • Six radial plates
  • Ambulacra confined to flat oral surface
  • 8-16 disjunct pectinirhombs

Geographic Occurrences

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Published Description

Paul (1972):

  • A genus of Cheirocrinidae with all plate circlets closed, six radial plates; short ambulacra confined to flat oral surface; 8-16 disjunct pectinirhombs. Cheirocystis is proposed for a group of species which have most features identical to Cheirocystella but possess more efficient disjunct pectinirhombs.

C. fultonensis