Phylum: Bryozoa
Class: Stenolaemata
Order: Trepostomatida
Family: Halloporidae (Bassler, 1911)
Cincinnatian Genera: Hallopora, Parvohallopora

Geologic Range
Ordovician – Devonian

Common Paleoecology
Halloporidae is an extinct family of colonial epifaunal suspension feeders

Description of the Family

  • Zoaria ramose
  • Autozooecial cross-sectional shape sub-circular
  • Diaphragms numerous and more closely spaced in earliest zooecial ontogeny
  • Mesozooecia common, diaphragms closely spaced
  • Acanthostyles virtually absent

Published Descriptions

Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (1953):

  • Generally ramose. Zooecial tubes subcircular, generally with diaphragms, which may be more numerous and closely spaced in the immature region than the mature. Mesopores common, closely tabulate; acanthopores virtually lacking.