Ichnogenus: Rhabdoglyphus Nicholson, 1873

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Stratigraphic Occurrences

Geographic Occurrences

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Sequences (Formations)

  • C4-C6 (Richmondian)
  • C2-C3 (Maysvillian)
  • C1 (Edenian)

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Identification in Hand Sample

  • General morphology: Rosary-like calices connected by shallow trail
  • Branching: None
  • Surface ornamentation: None
  • Fill: None
  • Lining: None
  • Spreiten: None

Paleoenvironmental Parameters

  • Substrate: Softground
  • Oxygen content: Low-high
  • Nutrient content: Low-high
  • Energy: Low


  • Behavior: Locomotion (crawling)
  • Tracemaker: Marine invertebrate

Potential Environments

  • Shallow to deep marine

Rhabdoglyphus from the Waynesville Formation of Waynesville, Ohio (OUIP 1797)

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Holland (UGA Strat Lab, 2013):

  • Repichnia (Crawling traces) – Rosary-like trails or tunnel fillings

Uchman (1998)

  • This ichnogenus was defined by Vassoevich for hypichnial cylinders composed of dense, partially invaginated calices. Boucek & Elias (1962) described under this ichnogenus hypichnial cylinders with rosary-like swellings. These specimens were separated by Rhabdoglyphus by Vialov (1971) as ichnogenus Fustiglyphus.

Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part W, Miscellanea Supplement 1 (1975):

  • Description: “Cylindrical tubes consisting of short, closely spaced, invaginated “calyces,” some with short branches; preserved in convex hyporelief.” W. Hantzschel 1975
  • Interpretation: Trail of uncertain origin; considered post-depositional by Ksiazkiewicz (1970, p 315-316). Fuchs (1985, p. 391) described “Rhabdoglyphen” from Australian flysch deposits, several of his forms similar to paper bags packed one inside the other.

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