Flexicalymene granulosa

Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Trilobita
Order: Phacopida
Family: Calymenidae
Genus: Flexicalymene
Species: Flexicalymene granulosa (Foerste,1909)

Stratigraphic Occurrences


Geographic Occurrences

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Stratigraphic Description

Sequences (Formations)

  • C1 Sequence (Clays Ferry/Kope: McMicken, Southgate, Economy/Fulton)

Identification in Hand Sample

  • Smaller in size than F. meeki.
  • Tubercles on the surface of its exoskeleton not seen in other species.
  • Granules larger and more abundant than other species of Flexicalymene.
  • Anterior border of cephalon less elevated than F. meeki.

Flexicalymene granulosa from the Kope formation of Covington, KY (OUIP 76)

Published Description

Brame (pers. comm., 2013):

  • Distinguished from other species by tubercles on the surface of its exoskeleton.

Davis (1998):

  • Trilobite. Differs from F. meeki in smaller size and granular surface (the latter is too fine to be visible in these figures).

Brandt (1996):

  • Classically, the representative form of F. meeki (Foerste, 1910) is typical of Maysvillian strata, the more granulose forms found in Edenian strata may be assigned to F. granulosa (Foerste, 1909), and Richmondian forms with more rounded genal angles may be called F. retrorsa (Foerste, 1910).

Foerste (1924):

  • Size, relatively small. Anterior border of the cephalon less abruptly elevated than in F. meeki. Surface covered by numerous granules, larger and more conspicuous than those in the latter species.