Phylum: Hemichordata
Class: Graptolithina
Order: Mastigograptida
Family: Mastigograptidae (Bates & Urbanek, 2002)
Cincinnatian Genera: Mastigograptus

    Geologic Range
    Cambrian – Silurian
    Common Paleoecology
    Extinct, passively mobile planktonic suspension feeders
    Description of the Family

  • Cylindrical sicula
  • Budding in triads
  • Dendroid habitus
  • Stipes produced by chain of corticalized stolo−thecae with thin−walled free thecae
  • Random arrangements of oblique sutures
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Bates and Urbanek (2002):

  • As for the order-
    Diagnosis.—Cylindrical sicula, budding in triads, dendroid habitus but stipes produced by chain of corticalized stolo− thecae with thin−walled free thecae, displaying random arrangements of oblique sutures, and not revealing a distinct dimorphism.

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