Corallidomus concentricus

Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Bivalvia
Order: Modiomorphida
Family: Modiomorphidae
Genus: Corallidomus
Species: Corallidomus concentricus Whitfield, 1893

Taxonomic Details

  • 1893 Corallidomus concentricus Whitfield, Geol. Surv. Ohio, Pal., 7, p. 493, pl. 13.
  • 1893 Corallidomus concentricus Ulrich, ibid., pl. 55, figs. 15, 16.
  • Stratigraphic Occurrences


    Geographic Occurrences

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    Stratigraphic Description

    Sequences (Formations)

    • C5 Sequence (Liberty)

    Identification in Hand Sample

    • Shell is twice as long as high
    • Moderately ventricose
    • Small beaks
    • Even, sharply elevated, concentric ridges of lamellae

    Corallidomus concentricus from the Arnheim Formation of Mt. Orab, Ohio. (OUIP 1186)

    Published Description

    Whitfield (1893):

    • Shell small, twice as long as high, and moderately ventricose; cardinal and basin margins subparallel, generally converging slightly anteriorly; valves subangular along the umbonal ridge; beaks small; rather pointed anteriorly, situated at about one-fourth of the entire length of the shell from the anterior end; anterior end rounded below the median line of the valve, posterior end obliquely truncated and broad; surface of valves marked by even, sharply elevated, concentric ridges of lamellae, which are abruptly curved in crossing, the umbonal ridge, presenting or rather accentuating the slight angularity of the ridge.