Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Bivalvia
Order: Arcoida
Family: Cyrtodontidae (Ulrich, 1894)
Cincinnatian Genera: Cyrtodonta, Cyrtodontula

Geologic Range
Middle Ordovician – Devonian

Common Paleoecology
Cyrtodontidae is an extinct family of facultatively mobile semi-infaunal suspension feeders

Description of the Family

  • Ovoid in shape
  • No radial ornamentation
  • Prominent umbones
  • Beak with groups of teeth, separated by areas lacking teeth
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Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part N, Mollusca 6 (1 of 3) (1969):

  • (Characters of Superfamily) Ovoid, lacking radial ornamentation, slightly prosocline, commonly with prominent umbones and elongate, duplivincular ligament mainly behind beaks; generally with groups of anterior and posterior teeth separated by edentulous area of hinge plate; posterior laterals, where present, parallel to shell margin and mainly behind ligament; anterior teeth commonly arcuate over anterior adductor.

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