Phylum: Porifera
Class: Stromatoporoidea
Order: Labechiida
Family: Lophiostromatidae (Nestor, 1966)
Cincinnatian Genera: Dermatostroma

Geologic Range
Ordovician – Triassic

Common Paleoecology
Lophiostromatidae is an extinct family of stationary epifaunal suspension feeders which have been interpreted to have hosted symbiotic algae in their tissues

Description of the Family

  • Compact, dense skeleton
  • Encrusting
  • Forms solid masses
  • Vaguely defined laminae
  • Vague pillar structures

Published Descriptions

Nestor (2010):

  • A unique family, the Lophiostromatidae, characterized by a compact, dense skeleton (Nestor 1994), is represented in the collection by rare specimens assigned to a new genus, Tarphystroma

Stearn (1980):

  • Diagnosis as for Order
  • Order Lophiostromatida: Encrusting, apparently solid masses of vaguely defined laminae inflected broadly upward to form vague pillar.