Phylum: Bryozoa
Class: Stenolaemata
Order: Cystoporata (Ulrich, 1882)
Cincinnatian Genera: Ceramoporella, Constellaria, Crepipora, Nicholsonella

Geologic Range
Ordovician – Permian

Common Paleoecology
Cystoporata is an extinct order of stationary, epifaunal suspension feeders

Characteristics of the Order

  • Tubular autozooecia
  • If short, no diaphragms present
  • If long, diaphragm present
  • Laminated walls
  • Some may have communication pores
  • Some may have vesticular tissue between autozooecia
  • Almost all have lunaria
  • Almost none have acanthostyles (Except in the vesicles)

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Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (1983):

  • Zoarial growth form variable. Autozooecia tubular; short and lacking diaphragms or long with diaphragms. Walls laminated, granular or granular-prismatic. Some (ceramoporines) with communication pores and exilazooecia in exozone. Some (fistuliporines) with extra zooidal vesticular tissue between autozooecia. Most with lunaria. Few with acanthostyles, except in vesicles.

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