Project Overview

The Ordovician Atlas website is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation to principal investigator Dr. Alycia Stigall (Ohio University) with Co-PIs Dr. Brenda Hunda (Cincinnati Museum Center) and Dr. Kendall Hauer (Miami University).  The Ordovician project is part of a large project “Digitizing Fossils to Enable New Syntheses in Biogeography – Creating a PALEONICHES-TCN” (TCN stands for Thematic Collections Network) which is detailed on the Digital Atlas of Ancient Life website.

This project is related to a broader natural history specimen digitization effort supported by the National Resource for Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (ADBC) called Integrated Digitized Biocollections, or iDigBio.

Contributors to the Ordovician Atlas Project

Dr. Alycia Stigall at Ohio University Department of Geological Sciences and OHIO Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies
Dr. Kendall Hauer at the Miami University Karl E. Limper Geology Museum
Dr. Brenda Hunda and the Invertebrate Paleontology Department at the Cincinnati Museum Center

 Webpage Credits

This webpage was designed by PI Alycia Stigall and coordinated by Jennifer Bauer and Adriane Lam (OU graduate students).  Dr. Ben Dattilo assisted with the geologic setting text.

The following individuals also helped generate digital content used on this webpage:

  • Jennifer Bauer (OU graduate student), lead developer for initial website operation and content for the first 70 species
  • Hannah Brame (OU graduate student), lead developer for byrozoan content
  • Adriane Lam (OU gradaute student), lead developer for data sharing with iDigBio and content for species 71-175
  • Robert Ahuja (OU Undergradaute)
  • Cody Contner (OU undergraduate)
  • Salvatore Dumas (OU undergraduate)
  • Diane Estes (OU undergraduate)
  • Mackenzie Glasgow (OU undergraduate)
  • Timothy Henderson (OU undergraduate)
  • Daniel Hermanns (OU undergradute)
  • Trey Klopfenstein (OU undergraduate)
  • Wesley Parker (OU undergraduate)
  • Tyler Payne (OU undergraduate)
  • Elizabeth Schoeppner (OU undergraduate)
  • Jeffrey Shaffer (OU undergraduate)
  • Ethan Slagle (OU undergraduate)
  • Zoe Zeszut (OU undergraduate)
Use of Materials from this Website

A creative commons “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0” license has been applied to all digital images of fossils on this webpage.  For details of what this means, click here. If you have additional questions about use of materials on this website, please contact Alycia Stigall at

If you use content from this website in a publication, please credit us as follows:

Stigall, A. L., Bauer, J. E., Brame, H-M. R., 2014, The Digital Atlas of Ordovician Life: Digitizing and mobilizing data for paleontologists and the public. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences, 63: 312-316. Open Access.

Stigall, A. L. 2013-2015. Atlas of Ordovician Life.

Hendricks, J. R., Lieberman, B. S., and Stigall, A. L.  2013-2015.  The Digital Atlas of Ancient Life.