Phylum: Brachiopoda
Class: Rhynchonellata
Order: Atrypida
Family: Anazygidae (Davidson, 1883)
Cincinnatian Genera: Catazyga, Zygospira

Geologic Range
Middle Ordovician – ?Silurian

Common Paleoecology
Anazygidae is an extinct family of stationary epifaunal suspension feeders.

Description of the Family

  • Ventribiconvex to planoconvex
  • Ribbed shells
  • Astrophic hinge
  • Small area
  • Sulcate to rectimarginate commissure
  • Spiralia directed medially to dorsomedially
  • simple jugum located dorsally to centrally
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Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part H, Vol. 3 (2000):

  • Small, ventribiconvex to planoconvex, ribbed shells; astrophic hinge; small area; sulcate to rectimarginate commissure; spiralia directed medialy to dorsomedially with few whorls; simple jugum located dorsally to centrally

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