Phylum: Bryozoa
Class: Stenolaemata
Order: Trepostomatida
Family: Batostomellidae
Genus: Batostomella Ulrich, 1882
Cincinnatian Species: Batostomella gracilis

Taxonomic Details

Type Species: Chaetetes gracilis (Nicholson, 1874)
Synonyms: Leptotrypellina Vinassa de Regny, 1921; The genus Batostomella is often stated to be a synonym of Bythopora.
Species found in the Cincinnatian (

  • Batostomella gracilis (Nicholson, 1874)

Geologic Range

Common Paleoecology
Batostomella is an extinct genus of stationary colonial epifaunal filter feeders

Identification in Hand Sample:

  • Zoarium Morphology: Ramose, small angle between branches; slender branches
  • Zoecia: Small, circular or oval; acanthopores small and usually numerous
  • Mesozooids: Small, subcircular openings
  • Monticules: Surface smooth
  • Maculae: N/A


Geographic Occurrences

[leaflet-map lat=39 lng=-84.5 zoom=7 width=575 height=250 align="right"]

Published Description

Davis (1998)

  • Note small angle between branches, small apertures, and smooth surface

Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part G (1953):

  • Slender to thick smooth branches.

Nickles & Bassler (1900)

  • Batostomella Ulrich (Geinitzella Waagen and Wentzel): Zoarium ramose, branches slender; zooecia with few diaphragms; apertures of zooecia small, circular or oval; interspaces rounded or canaliculate, spinulose, the acanthopores small and usually very numerous; mesopores small, with subcircular openings.

B. gracilis