Orthorhynchula linneyi

Phylum: Brachiopoda
Class: Rhynchonellata
Order: Rhynchonellida
Family: Orthorhynchulidae
Genus: Orthorhynchula
Species: Orthorhynchula linneyi (James, 1881)

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Stratigraphic Occurrences


Geographic Occurrences

Map point data provided by iDigBio.
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Sequences (Formations)

  • C2 Sequence (Fairview: Fairmount)

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Identification in Hand Sample

  • Outline triangular (more so than Rhynchotrema)
  • Plications fine, thin
  • Small but definite cardinal area
  • Uncovered delthyria on both valves

Orthorhynchula linneyi from the Fairview Formation of County

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Davis (1998):

  • Articulate brachiopod. Resembles Rhynchotrema but has a more triangular outline, finer plications, a small but definite cardinal area, and a lower fold and sulcus. Fairmount. Rare.

Hall and Clarke(1893):

  • “No more decisive evidence of the close generic relations of Orthis and Rhynchonella than is furnished by this species, can be desired or expected. The shell, is in effect a Platystrophia with a shortened hinge, narrowed and acuminate beak, and well-developed crural processes; or the proposition is convertible; it is a Rhynchonella, with cardinal areas and uncovered delthyria on both valves. There is a single anachronism in the sole appearance of this type of structure at a period so long after the distinctive ingredient stocks were well established, a fact which may, to some degree at least, be ascribed to our incomplete knowledge; at the same time there is an eminent fitness in the occurrence of this Platystrophia– like Rhynchonella in a fauna with Platystrophia itself, at its highest and most varied development. Orthorhynchula linneyi is widely distributed in the Hudson river fauna of Kentucky, but i is not know eastward.”

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