Cyclora depressa

Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Gastropoda
Order: Euomphalina
Family: Holopeidae
Genus: Cyclora
Species: Cyclora depressa Ulrich, 1879

Taxonomic Details

  • 1879 Cyclora depressa Ulrich, Jour. Cincinnati Soc. Nat. Hist., 2, p. 13, pl. 7, figs. 9, 9a.
  • Stratigraphic Occurrences


    Geographic Occurrences

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    Stratigraphic Description

    Sequences (Formations)

    • C6 Sequence (Elkhorn)
    • C5 Sequence (Lower Whitewater, Liberty, Waynesville)
    • C4 Sequence (Arnheim)
    • C3 Sequence (Mount Auburn, Corryville)
    • C2 Sequence (Bellevue, Fairview: Fairmount, Mount Hope)
    • C1 Sequence (Clays Ferry/Kope: McMicken, Southgate, Economy/Fulton)

    Identification in Hand Sample

    • Depressed spire
    • Two to three volutions
    • Angular whorls
    • Aperture rhombic oval
    • Sub-lenticular shell twice as wide as high

    Published Description

    Ulrich (1879):

    • Shell very small, sub-lenticular, about twice as wide as high; spire much depressed; volutions two or three, angular a little below the middle, increasing moderately in size, and with barely perceptible convexity on the upper side; sutures deeply impressed; umbilicus large; aperture rhombic oval; surface smooth.
      Height of a specimen of the usual size, 0.02 inch; breadth, 0.04 inch. This species differs from both C. minuta and C. parvula, Hall, in having a larger umbilicus, the spire much more depressed, and the whorls angular instead of rounded.